Rockport Sermon

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grace Camp Meeting

Exhausted but satisfied! That's the best way I can describe how I feel on this Sunday afternoon after our Grace Camp Meeting. God met with us. We have been instructed in His Word and filled with the joy of fellowship with fellow believers. There is so much I'd like to be able to share since Aaron was not able to finish his hoped-for live blogging. But all who would like may listen to the awesome messages on our Sermon Audio Site.

One thing that has warmed my heart so very much has been watching our young people serve so faithfully this weekend. From the young ladies who were helping in the kitchen to all the young men and young women who served our guests in the book room, by leading worship, by serving meals and cleaning up, etc, etc, etc. What a blessing you all were to us!

In His Mercy,



Puritan said...

Hey, I've been listening to the sermons brother, and what a blessing!

Bob said...

Hi Kevin,
Yes, I hope you listen to them all.
Thank you for your site also. How are you doing since your resignation?

Scott said...

Kevin, Yes sir. It was a blessing. I am still processing it all. Your name came up as we were discussing brothers in Christ who are seeking to be faithful to the Gospel. You're in our prayers!

Puritan said...

Thanks for your prayers Scott.

Thanks Bob, I believe God is doing great things here in Manchester. It has been a blessing coming back here. God has been so graceful and wonderful in it all. Or as Charles rightly pointed out in his Rockport Sermons, God was and is just being who He is. But I get to rejoice in seeing a bigger glimpse of that.

Scott Weldon said...

I concur that the meetings were fantastic. My teenage kids agree. In fact, they've asked to have copies of a couple of the messages to listen to again. Thank you guys for putting this thing on.