Rockport Sermon

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grace Camp Meeting Tonight!

We have been so very busy preparing for our Camp Meeting that I have not posted anything here in a very long time. Sorry about that. But I hope to jot some notes down as things go along! God has been blessing at Rockport and we're anxious to get to share in that blessing with those who will be coming to our conference.

Also, it is my intention to put up a summary of our elder's meetings as they occur every other week just to keep our congregation (and anyone else who cares!) informed. This past Monday was largely spent praying together for our conference and for our congregation and it's needs. We continue to seek the Lord for the salvation of those who don't know Him, of our children, friends and visitors, and that He would grant assurance of salvation to some who are struggling in that regard.

We anticipate that God will use this year's Camp Meeting in the life of our church and those who attend. We know that it is not by virtue of our planning that good things will take place, but as a result of God's mercy in choosing to visit us. That is the core of our prayer. Please join us in praying that God would come with power upon us as we meet April 16 - 20th, 2009. As soon as we are able, we will post links to the message on our Sermon Audio page.

Grace and peace to all

PS - For any who might be interested. Our guys have started going out and doing a little street preaching. Here is a link to their recent effort.

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