Rockport Sermon

Friday, April 17, 2009

Grace Camp Meeting - Friday Morning

We are getting started Friday morning with a time of singing some great hymns of the faith and enjoying fellowship with one another.

Songs for Friday morning:

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

There is a Fountain

Background Text - John 4:8

Theme – God is Love

Bro. Michael Durham

Here are some summary statements of part of the sermon. The full audio version will be available approximately 15 minutes after each session.

How do we define or explain God’s love? There is nothing lovely about us and there is nothing about us that can attract the love of God. God does not love out of want or need. We love because we need. The more we love something is in proportion to our need of it. We love because we gain from those things with which we place value. However God does not lack anything. God does not love out of need for anything.

God loves, not in the way that we do. He loves us, not because he gains anything from us. There is no profit for him because he is self-sufficient. Therefore how can a Holy God love unholy people? What happens among a people who are loved by God? How are they different? How do they love one another? Visit our Sermon Audio Site to listen to this and other sermons.

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