Rockport Sermon

Thursday, November 13, 2008

the Unfailing Love of God for sinners

Communion with God involves receiving His love, and loving Him supremely.
Many Christians carry issues with themselves because they have never fully received the Love of the Father. I struggled with this for years, because I could not fully believe that God could fully love someone like me. What arrogance.
So, I empathize with those who are yet failing to comprehend such grace as we have from our Father.
It is as if they feel that to fully receive the complete love and forgiveness of the Father would be an act of pride. They don’t deserve it, so they feel that they will carry a measure of guilt and remorse around with them. They have never fully accepted the grace of God for themselves and thus feel that no one else deserves it either. And they are correct in that. But they are victims of a strange disease. The health of others. I know... I was there once. I understand. Give it up. None of us are worthy, but God is very gracious and has extended His mercy to the worst of us.
It hurts such people to see others full of joy because they themselves could never be full of such joy. It bothers them that others are not as miserable in their Christianity as they are. They feel that everyone should suffer continuously as they do. Never living in the vitality of such invitations as to come boldly before the throne of grace. So they meander through the mundaneness of their ordinary existence, never attempting to believe enough to pray that God would reveal His glory to them, for their faith is not in the completely finished work of Jesus Christ, but rather a combination of sorts involving self-flagellation or self-pity. It is an attempt of kinds at meriting goodness from God. And at the bottom of it all is..PRIDE. This is something that all of us sooner or later have to come to terms with and repent. There is nothing that we could do to make God love us any more than He does, and there is nothing that we could do to make Him love us any less.
You simply cannot share intimacy with Christ unless you are secure in His love for you.
He has loved us with an everlasting love.

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