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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Missions Moment 09/05/2010

Information from the Missions Moment 09/05/2010

If you were present for this morning's service at Rockport, you received the following information. However, if you were not with us, or would like to follow up in praying for the nations, here are some ways that you can be praying for the mission "Iglesia Bautista de la Gracia."

  • Pray for Brother Marco Sanchez as he preaches not only at IBG, but also leads Iglesia Bautista Maranata in Granite City, Illinois. Pray that he would be faithful in teaching the Word of Truth. Currently pray concerning his transportation as his only vehicle is broken down and is dependent on others to assist him.
  • Pray for the believers that currently attend and for those who have returned to their home country. (We have multiple families that have returned and that are currently attending Bible-beveling congregations!
  • We praise the Lord for the generous giving that has taken place by many. The giving has provided what we believe to be Christ-honoring biblical resources such as "The Religious Affections" by Johnathon Edwards, "The Supremacy of God in Preaching" by John Piper, and many other items. In addition to this we were able to provide Pastor Marco with a copy of a set of Puritan Commentaries.
  • We praise the Lord for brother Juanito Cantu who is preparing to be baptized soon! We are going to invite the rest of Rockport to attend this special service and celebrate "La Cena del Se ├▒or or "The Lord's Supper" with us very soon!

In the "Missions Moment" today I mentioned a resource for how we might pray for nations. That resource is "Operation World" by Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk. This resource will serve well in times of personal devotion as well as family worship as a guide to remind us how we can be praying for the work of Christ throughout the world.

Some of the highlights brought about in today's "missions moment" include:

  • Most of those who attend "Iglesia Bautista de la Gracia" come from the country of Mexico.
  • According to Operation World, in the year 2000, there were 298 known languages spoken in Mexico. Of those languages only 5 had the entire scriptures translated. Forty-four had the New Testament and 98 had portions of the scriptures translated. (438) Please pray for this nation that the Lord might speed the many works in progress in this area.
  • One of the areas for potential opportunities for evangelism for the country of Mexico is the area of migrant workers.

Thank you again for praying, giving, and going. May the Word of Christ dwell richly in the hearts of people in the Spanish speaking communities both local and global.


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