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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Among the Elders (October - November)

I apologize for being very late with this report from our last two elders' meetings. Here is a summary of what can be shared.

October 12, 2009
Our meeting began with a devotion by Will J on the issue of Integrity from Proverbs. We then discussed the needs of those in our body, especially some of our seniors who have health needs, those who are newer to our fellowship, and some we have not seen recently. Time was spent in prayer for each

Scheduling issues were discussed for such matters as the systematic theology class, and for how we want to make better use of Sunday Evenings at Rockport. It was decided that, for now, we will have a monthly Q/A Fellowship on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Otherwise there will not be a regular Sunday evening worship service. Instead, theology class will be moved to 6 PM on those Sundays when there is not another Sunday evening event. From time to time, though, we will have special called Sunday meetings for missionaries, or other informative events.

Also scheduled, tentatively:
- Rockport Elder’s Open House for the weekend of Dec 19-20.
- A week of prayer for the new year Jan 3-10 as a time to prayerfully seek of the Lord together
- Camp Meeting, April 15-18

The ordination of deacons was discussed, as was the building expansion project

The health and needs of our Community Groups was discussed.

Our ongoing relationship with “Gaining Christ Ministries” and Trevor Johnson’s mission work were discussed.

Several other issues concerning individuals and individual needs were brought up and then laid before the Lord in a season of prayer.

November 9, 2009
We began with a devotional brought by Pastor Scott about the biblical role of the pastor a watchman.
We discussed the needs of our members, of various kinds, and how we can lovingly respond to each. We see a need to find better ways to stay in touch with and minister to the growing needs of our body. Several things were put forward which we will be prayerfully seeking to put into practice. In addition, we see the need to remind our body to be alert to those who may be new each Sunday and make the extra effort to embrace them and make them feel welcome. Hospitality is an important grace we must practice constantly.

Scheduled matters were discussed (Most listed above). Added to the calender were:
A Ladies Cooking Fellowship this Friday
Christmas Eve Service
Possible building committee meeting November 29th
Possible deacon ordination January 24th

We agreed that the reading of chapters of Scripture is a benefit to worship. Now that we are finished with Malachi, we will move on to Ephesians. The plan is to alternate between Old and New Testament books.

Our Christmas Missions Offering options were set. Our people will have the option of giving to:
Lottie Moon (SBC); Gaining Christ Ministries; HeartCry Missions Society
Because of the urgent needs being experienced by them right now, we want to especially emphasize the needs of our Gaining Christ team.

We see the need to look into holding a family conference this summer.
Several other matters of importance were discussed.
We spent a season in prayer for these and many other needs discussed.

Submitted respectfully.

Please continue in prayer for us.

Our next meeting is November 23rd.
S. Scott Lee
Soli Deo Gloria

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