Rockport Sermon

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Much of Today's Preaching

I am so sick of the Satanic, twisted, watered down gospel that men are preaching from the pulpits across this land.

Men preach as if it were a game. They tell their cute little jokes as if men were not going to hell right under their noses. Men like Joel Esteen spew the crap right out of their mouths that convince thousands that they are OK, when they are far from OK!

Truth has fallen in the streets and the ears of the multitudes are being tickled by these spiritual eunuchs who do not know the God of the bible.

If you are anywhere near one of these churches where the man standing behind the pulpit is afraid to clearly, and powerfully declare the whole counsel of God without apology, you ought to run as fast as you can away from that damnable place. These heretics from hell who preach a health and wealth gospel, an I'm OK you're OK gospel, a "just decide for Jesus" gospel...they are emissaries of Satan sent to deceive the masses. RUN FROM THAT PLACE AS IF IT WERE ON FIRE!

These pollyanna pulpiteers who have not warned you to flee from the wrath to come and they comfort you in your spiritual torment, when you know good and well that you have never been truly converted ought to be banished from the pulpit and let a preacher with backbone who will not care about position, or salary, or career, or fortune, or fame, or persecution stand there and preach the truth.

Those who love the praise of men more than the praise of God are damning souls to hell and should be run out of town until they repent of rushing into the pulpit to give their false man-centered message of hope.

There is only one message of hope and that is the message of the Christ who is the God-man, who came in the flesh, suffered on Calvary under the wrath of a holy God, for those who repent and believe, and rose victoriously from the grave to call men to take up their cross and be willing to die for the sake of the gospel.
When you truly believe that, you aren't afraid to tell men and women that the house is on fire, and they had better flee.

You aren't afraid to die for the sake of the gospel, because you know it is worth it.
You aren't afraid to declare the whole counsel of God because you really do believe that unless men repent they will perish for an eternity under the wrath of a holy God.
You aren't afraid that you won't be taken care of, because your hope is in heaven, not on this earth.
You aren't afraid to tell the truth that if you have not been radically converted by the power of the Holy Spirit of God, and if you are not absolutely a new man in Christ Jesus, because you have repented and cast your life into the hands of Jesus you are a lost man under the wrath of God, on your way to hell.
You aren't afraid to declare to your religious church members who have just "been in church all my life", that they had better flee from the wrath to come.



Jason said...

I read three words ant thought "This must be a Bob post" Good word.

Scott said...

Brother Bob, I wish you would be a little clearer and more forceful in your statements. These watered down and halfhearted comments make it unclear what you're really trying to say! No, seriously, a good if hard word. But I did have two things to ask: (1) Did you mean Joel Osteen or is there another I'm not familiar with? (2) Can we say "crap" on our blog?

Grace and peace.

Bob said...

Ah. 1. Osteen. 2. sorry. "garbage"