Rockport Sermon

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Desiring God

Desiring God

Oh to be swallowed up in God,
To swim in the rivers of his delights
To bask in the radiance of His sweet presence
And enjoy the fullness of His companionship.

Oh to look up in the face of Jesus,
To be caught up in His arms,
To be refreshed with a sense of His love
And rest in the comforts of His smile.

Oh to glory in the presence of My Savior,
To yield to His unending power,
To see through the fog, His wisdom,
And find myself sitting at His feet.

Oh to cast away all idols and worship the one and only True God,
To let God be God, and me be me, fulfilling His perfect will,
To honor and esteem His name, in every thought and deed,
And rest beneath His sheltering wings and on His manna feed.

Oh to be swallowed up in God,
To bathe in the glory of His embrace,
To know the fullness of His delights, his Joys, his loves,
And to behold His wondrous face.

Oh to lose myself in Jesus and be finished with the flesh,
To cross the chilly Jordan and to enter in that rest,
To say goodbye to all held dear in vanity and charm,
And finally be without the sin that so long worked its harm.

Oh to rest in His sweet radiance and blessed countenance,
To finally flee this world of woe and lose my self in Him;
He all my thoughts and dreams consume for in Him is my life,
While here below I dwell mid tears in vanity and strife.

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