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Thursday, September 11, 2008

It'll Come Together in Time!

For those few of you who check here from time to time. We really are going to get back to some of the questions you've posted, as well as other things. Right now it's a time issue . My two com padres have temporarily bailed out on me! Bob (in the middle) has taken six months off to go back to college and to play football for Westminster College in Fulton, MO. No seriously. 51 years old and playing football! He assures me he's having the time of his life ministering to the young men on the team and gettin' himself roughed up. Aaron, on the right, is up to his eyeballs in missions ministry and work, and now is on vacation for two weeks. And me, well, it's just been crazy, but you don't want to hear me whine!

Besides, God continues to be so incredibly good in the midst of everything that I just wouldn't want to. He is so faithful! So, as soon as things calm down, I hope to get back to some regular posts, Lord willing.

One thing we're working through as a church is the question of missions support. We believe strongly in supporting missions (Mt 28:18-20), but are concerned to make sure that the people we do support are preaching a clear, biblical Gospel, and not the "easy believism" and "decisionism" that marks so much of American Christianity today. Again, I hope to post on this issue soon, Lord willing.

If you read this, pray for us!
S. Scott Lee
(the sane one on the left in the picture)

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Valerie Hunter said...

I am praying for you all and look forward to reading more posts! Your blog is a blessing.