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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting My Heart Ready for Sunday

Saturday evening is an important time of preparation for me. No, I'm not talking about working on the sermon -- that's usually finished by Friday afternoon so that I can "step away" for a little bit and come back to it fresh on Sunday morning. Saturday evenings for me are a time for spiritual preparation. I've found out the hard way that, if I squander Saturday night on something meaningless -- like staying up late, watching TV, going to a movie, etc -- as most of the world does, then my heart is not ready for the truly exciting event of meeting God with His people on Sunday morning. Over the years I've learned to so value that -- that time of coming consciously into His presence to worship and respond to His Word -- that I do not desire to let anything dull that joy for me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking some kind of legalism here. I wouldn't dare make a law that every Christian must do as I do in some matter not clearly spelled out in Scripture. But I would advocate careful thought on this matter. The joy of meeting with God, fresh and alert on Sunday is so desirable to me, that I would not dare trade it by wearing myself out pursuing some lesser, less satisfying thing! I guess it's a matter of priority. Time and energy, like money, can only be spent once. I can squander it on something that matters very little tonight, or I can make a priority of getting to bed early while the world parties (which always amazed me -- why party when you really have nothing to celebrate) I can rest and be ready for the real celebration in the presence of the One who is the delight of my soul, who rescued my life from it's well-deserved hell, and fills me with every good thing in His Son!

I love to come, clear-eyed and alert to His throne-room, eager to see once again the depths of His love displayed in the cross, and the marvels of His daily-renewed mercy dispensed through His Spirit Whom He sent to be with us forever. I love to have my ears ready to hear Him speak through His word, and my heart set to receive His grace given through the means of fellowship ,worship, Word and sacrament (ie, Lord Supper and Baptism), etc. So, with that as my great priority, I think I'll get ready for bed now. There's a great day coming in the morning, and I don't want to miss a thing!

Looking forward to gathering with His people and experiencing, once again, new revelations of His mercy as we look in faith to Jesus in His finished work of salvation.


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Bob said...

I believe that under estimate the importance of what you are saying here. I have the same convictions about Saturday evening, generally. So, i appreciate the reminder, and pray that the entire congregation sincerely takes it to heart