Rockport Sermon

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prayer and Brokenness

i am going to be addressing the subject of prayer this evening at our Wednesday Evening Meeting. I know this is probably going to make some people mad. That's part of my calling. Seriously, there are two things needed in the church today that are greatly lacking.
The first thing that is lacking is brokenness. Never have I seen so much pride in all my life as I see today in the church. We are a proud people. And God hates it. Most of the problems that we experience in our churches today is nothing but the manifestation of sinful pride. More often than not, it is from unregenerate people, but even believers seem to have a problem walking humbly before God. And without brokenness, we will probably not see a great move of God in our churches. Oh how we need to ask God to break our proud hearts. But we are afraid of His methods and His ways. In this day of prosperity gospel preaching, most believers like to live it whether they like the false preaching or not. People meet far too much of us and they do not meet Jesus when they encounter us, because we are so full of ourselves, unbroken and full of pride.
The second need I would like to address is the need for sincere prayer. I have been studying Jesus' prayers recently, and His were so unlike ours. It seems that even at our prayer meetings, everyone seems to know someone else who is sick or hurt. And that seems to be our main emphasis, as if our duty was to come to the rescue of everyone who has health problems, or any other type of problems and bring them before poor forgetful God. Jesus prayers mainly concerned the glory of God, the holiness of believers, and the salvation of the lost. Would to God that our prayer meetings would first of all be more passionate. We are so proper when we speak to God. What has happened to the old prayer meetings when the saints got together and CRIED OUT TO GOD, for the salvation of the lost, for His glory and for the holiness of the saints? We are in such pitiful shape. Oh God is merciful, and heals many at our request, by his mercy. But these shallow prayer meetings where we go on and on about all of these problems have got to stop. Let's get serious about praying about what we really ought to be praying about. Let's quit this foolishness of asking for prayer for my great Aunts', nephews little friend, when we ourselves haven't been spending time pouring out our hearts to God on their behalf, and we simply want to ask others to pray about this for some reason. What are we? God's special agents of health? It is sometimes God's will for the saints to suffer and we spend far too much time worrying about whether or not God is going to heal them. If they want to be healed, let them call for the elders of the church. Let's get real, get down to business and cry out to God concerning the things that really matter. Yes, it is fine to ask prayer for someone we love and care about that is suffering, but for goodness sake, by our prayer requests, we sometimes seem like the poorest, most unhappy, most sickly people in the world. Yes, let's get down to the business of passionate prayer for the glory of God, the salvation of the lost, and the holiness of the saints.


Scott said...

Wow, Brother, jumping right in there with a two-fisted swing! Yes, there is much to pray about in the modern church. I am grateful for the small graces we've seen at work lately, and the reality we've been experiencing in worship and in our corporate prayer times, though.

Bob said...

Yes. I have been blessed also to be seeing what God is doing in our midst. i am trusting Him for much greater things also.

Michael said...

I was just talking along these lines the other day. Even Jesus got fed up with people coming to Him to fulfill physical needs because that wasn't the point of Him being there. Now I see the same thing with prayer.

vinedresser said...

Jesus's prayers were center on God's will and i believe that our prayers need to be center on God's will for our lives. Only as we discuss with Him and ask Him how
to pray as the disciples ask Jesus will we really know how to pray.